Slowly returning to working on my sets.

Hey everybody.

I know, i know it has been awhile that i have posted anything, even tho i said i would release stuff on a monthly rate. But i had good reasons to be absent. Shortly after putting the website live and announcing i was back and release on a monthly rate, my world came crashing down. My father got diagnosed with lung cancer spread out to his liver. His official diagnose was simply put: Terminal Cancer. We heard the news in early may.

Three weeks ago, my father passed away. Every since my father got diagnosed i have spent every second with him that allowed me. But in the last 2 months, he started to visibly to loose weight, didn’t eat or drink, treatment that they tried even messed up his voice, so he could barely talk, and when he did manage to get something out, you could barely understand what he was saying. And the last two days were the worst of them all..

You could tell he was suffering, struggling to breath, as his oxygen levels were slowly dropping. It dropped to 67% by the time it was 11PM. The next day he died at 15:30, aged 66.

So that is why i was absent, and why i might not put out anything in a hurry. I am finishing the set i started on before the diagnose. After i released that. I am going to make a set in his memory, all though i am not sure if i am releasing that one. Kinda on the fence on that one.

Anyways, i hope you can understand why i haven’t posted anything in awhile.

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