Curious about making custom content?

Want to give it a go, and create your own custom content? Here are some recommended tools you can use, and are all free to use.


This is the best tool out there to help you create your own custom content. You use this program to clone a object or cas item from the game, which you can modify with your own meshes you create with another tool (Blender) i’ll be mentioning here.

Also, you need to register on their website to be able to download. Sign up & download are both free.

Blender 2.76

This is a bit older version of whats currently available, but it has everything you need to make it work with Sims4Studio. This tool is required to be used in combination with sims4studio.

This tool is used to make the meshes (Objects, Cas items like clothing) that you will import into Sims4Studio.